Enabling 100,000 MSMEs
To Do E-Commerce

The DigitalFilipino Club started in 2003 to promote the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines. We aim to be a catalyst in enabling more MSMEs to go online through the free learning resources provided here.

Actionable Training

Our lessons are hands-on intensive that MSMEs can follow.

E-Commerce Directory

We will have a directory of MSMEs with e-commerce presence.

Free Consultation

Join our community to avail of free consultation on your website creation & digital marketing campaigns.

The Philippines E-Commerce Roadmap 2016-2020

One of the aims in the roadmap is to enable 100,000 MSMEs to do E-Commerce online. However, as of today, there are still less than 30,000 MSMEs who have achieved that.

This advocacy project is intended to help achieve it and provide support to MSMEs the whole year round.

Philippines MSME online Directory

By joining this initiative, your web presence will be included in our directory of Filipino MSME websites.

Daily Consultation Session

Members will become part of our community and join our daily consultation sessions on creating your website and digital marketing initiatives.

Start Your Learning Journey

Access our various e-commerce learning resources to learn about e-commerce and digital marketing in the Philippines.


Virtual Staff Entrepreneur Program #vsep

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E-Commerce Entrepreneur Program (BETA 2013)

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Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Program

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Storytelling & Your Website Content

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Enabling 100,000 Filipino MSMES to do E-Commerce ONLINE for FREE

7 Step to E-Commerce Enable Your Business

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E-Commerce Developer Course for Entrepreneurs

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E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs & Freelancers

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