E-Commerce Developer Course for Entrepreneurs

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When an entrepreneur decides to embark on an e-commerce project, one of the biggest challenge is working with web developers who can make their e-commerce website come to life. Without any technical knowledge, this dependence can get frustrating if you are unable to understand how things work.

This training program is conducted in partnership with Rachel Jaro, founder of Koodi (web development company).

Training objectives:

  1. Teach the participant how to create web pages and stylesheets. Be able to create a basic, but fully-functional, e-commerce website.
  2. Add functionalities and animation to make the e-commerce website more dynamic, responsive, and interactive.
  3. Add database and administrative dashboard to make the website easier to maintain.

Target audience:

  1. Entrepreneurs and marketers who would like to understand how coding works, build a website themselves, and become more tech-savvy when dealing with web developers.
  2. Newbie developers who like to get guidance in building their own e-commerce website.

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