Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Program

After more than a year,  we are making the 2014 trial of our Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Program available for free to anyone interested in learning. Entrepreneurs are recognizing the growing opportunities of promoting their business online. However, very few today can help in digital marketing, building an influencer identity, policy creation in compliance to existing laws, site build-up, content creation, branding, and revenue generated-measured digital marketing initiatives. Come up with new and inspiring ideas to push entrepreneurs and individuals to use digital marketing tools and tap its potential to reach business objectives and bottom line.

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, retailers, marketing practitioners, web developers, Internet marketers, content providers, brand managers, real estate service professionals, tourism related operators, and everyone involved in marketing.


  1. Introduce the participant on the various business or revenue model in the digital marketing field.
  2. Learn the process flow in handling a project from requirements gathering, proposal submission, negotiation, contract signing, implementation, and project closure.
  3. Learn practical skills on the project implementation.



Introduction to Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship

  • Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Business Model
  • Building your Online Identity
  • Digital Marketing Readiness Assessment

Adherence to Digital Marketing Policies

  • Philippines advertising regulations
  • Data Privacy Law
  • Consumer Protection Policies for offline and online transactions
  • Social media advertising policies

Search Marketing as a Business

  • Search Marketing Business Model
  • Search Marketing Life Cycle
  • Internet Advertising Campaign Life Cycle
  • Hands-on

Social Media Marketing as a Business

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Engaging Social Media Influencers
  • Social Media Campaign Life cycle
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Hands-on

Online Presence and Content Development as a Business

  • Blog and Website Creation Business Model
  • Website Development Life Cycle
  • Content Development and Marketing Business Model
  • Content development and marketing life cycle
  • Engaging Bloggers
  • Hands-on

E-Mail Marketing as a Business

  • Email Marketing as a Business
  • Email marketing lifecycle
  • Newsletter creation lifecycle
  • Hands-on

Customer Relationship Management as a Business

  • Customer Relationship Management Business Model
  • Customer Relationship Management Life cyle
  • Reputation Management Life cycle
  • Customer Engagement Playbook
  • Hands-on

Digital Marketing Measurement Tracking as a Business

  • Digital Marketing Measurement tracking business model
  • Digital Marketing Measurement Tracking Life Cycle
  • Hands-on

(All proprietary brands indicated in this training program page are not meant to imply any endorsement. All lessons shared herein are based on the trainer’s and guest speakers personal experience.) For inquiries about this lesson, contact Janette Toral by sending her a private message via Facebook.

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